Proofreading: Careful review of your document for grammatical and syntactical correctness to achieve clear and compelling prose.

Copyediting/Simple Rewriting: This service involves reworking your original manuscript to address sentence and paragraph construction, ensure smooth transitions, and attend to word choice, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and overall clarity.

Complex Rewriting: The goal of this service is to retain the basic meaning of your original manuscript while transforming your existing copy into captivating and graceful prose. By rewriting and rearranging whole paragraphs, adding/deleting sentences and/or paragraphs, streamlining sentences and paragraphs, and improving the overall quality of your message, reader interest is galvanized while retaining the meaning of your original material.

English as a foreign language writers: Working with your original manuscript, I enliven and clarify your copy by standardizing your prose, adding idiom, and targeting all issues of clarity and correctness.