Chris, please know that your influence will live on in my classroom every day, not only in how I teach composition, but in what I believe, how I read, and how I implore students to place themselves in their writing. Thank you for going against much of what “academia” teaches to prioritize the self over the academy and help me, and by extension, my students, grow. I can’t write enough how much of an influence you’ve had on me.

Zack Hull, English teacher, North Allegheny Intermediate School



Professor Abbott the lessons you taught me followed me long after I left your classroom. You were a wonderful teacher and you helped me in so many ways. Both as my teacher and as a mentor.

Hollie Dickson, psychology graduate student, Shippensburg University



Thank you for your hard work and your devotion. Whatever you do, wherever you are, you are the person who is inspiring people with your passion and your special gift with beautiful words!

Imbok Park, Graduate Student of Nursing, La Roche College



Chris, you have influenced and inspired so many students, and I am blessed to count myself among them. Thank you for being such a positive presence in my life. Your encouragement and guidance meant so much to me. Do remember when you gave me the “balance bell”? I still have it; it’s in my classroom reminding me that sometimes I need to take a deep breath and stop worrying.

Darrah Price Rhinehart, English teacher, North Allegheny School District

Dr. Abbott, it was a pleasure to have you as a teacher in my first academic class. I can’t forget your tears when you showed us the movie Freedom Writers. Since that day I said to myself I have a human teacher more than a teacher. When my son had surgery and I asked for help you are the only one who offered real help. Thank you for everything you did for all of us as students. Thank you for the time you spnt to teach us.

Sheikha Al-Rasheed, student, La Roche College


Being in your class and conversing with you while working at the Writers’ Center changed a lot about my outlook on life, particularly social justice. Thank you for your wisdom and encouragement!

Rebecca Lostetter, English Language Teacher in Moscow, Russia



Dr. A … you indeed helped countless students at La Roche, myself included. I’m grateful to have met you during my time there, thankful that you gave me the opportunity to join the team at the center, and indebted by the enormous invaluable support you’ve offered to my aspirations.

Edgar Asiimwe, Doctoral student of medicine, Stanford University



Dr. Abbott – I still recall fondly my time under your tutelage in the Writer’s Center, and the confidence you instilled in me as a writer and as a tutor. I carry that with me to this day, thanks to you!!!

Jeff White, Carnegie Mellon University



Dr. Chris, you will always be my favorite professor. You instilled in me the confidence that made me believe I could achieve anything. Your respect towards me was always positively surprising. You also inspired me to love the humanities, which, to this day, even as I continue to work in technology, my heart and my curiosity never stray away from the realization I made years ago that it is the humanities and the arts that hold all of this together. My English writing and my sense of critical analysis will always have your mark. Every time I write or edit my writings and my friends’ writing, I always hear your loving voice. I will always remember my hours in the center, the constant corrections about my use of prepositions, and my first statement of purpose. And then my first ever “opinion” piece in the La Roche newspaper in which we confronted the prejudice against international students. So many great memories. You are awesome and will always have a special place in my heart.

Gustave Muhoza


Dr. Abbott, Your mentorship in the Writers’ Center provided me with the confidence to develop into a communications professional. You are such a warm friend to everyone you meet, so I know you will continue to inspire.

Ray Pefferman, Bechtal Corporation




So many of us did so much growing up in the Writers’ Center, that home base; we all learned to be ourselves and find our voices. Those early memories with many of the folks who commented here are some of my fondest. Thank you for creating that space for us, Dr. Chris

April Julier, English Professor, Writing Center director, Brazosport College